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Additional Services Offered


Planing / Straight Line

Planing $.40 bdft ($20.00 minimum)

Planing $.50 bdft for your lumber ($50.00 minimum - NO walnut)

Straight Line Rip/Edge $.20 bdft ($20.00 minimum)

Straight Line Rip / Edge $.30 bdft for your lumber ($50.00 minimum NO walnut)


Hardwood flooring

1)  If you bring your logs to us, we can cut, dry, and mill the lumber into flooring for you for $2.60 sqft. 

(Black walnut $2.25 sqft.)


Logs need to be a minimum of 8' long and a 12" diameter at the small end.

Short and small logs will cost an additional $.30 a bdft to process).


2)  Make flooring out of your lumber for $1.25 sqft.  Lumber must be clean.  If I hit a nail a fee of $100.00 per nail will be charged. 

(Black walnut $1.50 sqft) 






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