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Stair Treads & Risers

Prices are for a mixture of heartwood and sapwood.  If you want all heartwood the price will have to be adjusted accordingly. 

Red Oak Stair Treads with Bullnose Edge


1"x36"x11 1/4"       $32.00 each          
1"x42"x11 1/4" $37.00 each 
1"x48"x11 1/4" $42.00 each 
1"x54"x11 1/4" $46.00 each 
1"x60"x11 1/4" $52.00 each 


Red Oak Stair Risers

3/4"x36"x8" $11.25 each
3/4"x42"x8" $13.00 each
3/4"x48"x8" $14.75 each
3/4"x54"x8" $16.50 each
3/4"x60"x8" $19.00 each


$15.00 each for returns

Stair Nosing 3 1/2" Wide

Red Oak $7 lnft