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Charcuterie Boards


Our custom made charcuterie boards have been hand selected for you. Our company select cut the trees to enable new trees to grow.  We then milled the logs into lumber and kiln dried the wood to produce these one of a kind charcuterie boards.

Perfect for any hosting occasion and this board makes a one-of-a-kind gift. Looks great as a charcuterie board and can be hung on the wall when not in use.

Sealed and buffed with cutting block oil.

EASY TO CLEAN - Easy to clean with cool, soapy water. Dry thoroughly. Do not soak or submerge board in water. Rub it with a food-safe mineral oil occasionally to keep wood from drying out and maintain its appearance.. Do not place in dishwasher or refrigerator.


Please select the size you want to order. The measurements are as follows:

Small - 5" wide x 15" long x 3/4" thick

Medium - 7" wide x 15" long x 3/4" thick

Large - 7" wide x 20" long x 3/4" thick


If you purchase more than one, I will combine the shipping and refund you the discount after the item is shipped.


Size and Wood Species
Wood Species

Small Cherry 5"x15"x3/4" - $15.00

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Medium Cherry 7"x15"x3/4" - $20.00

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Large Cherry 7"x20"x3/4" - $25.00

XLarge Cherry 7"x20"x3/4" - $30.00

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Small Ambrosia Maple 5"x15"x3/4" - $15.00

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Medium Ambrosia Maple 7"x15"x3/4" - $20.00

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Large Ambrosia Maple 7"x20"x3/4" - $25.00

XLarge Ambrosia Maple 7"x20"x3/4" - $30.00

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